Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Spain - Madrid Day 14

Mandi's breakfast...well she ended up having nine eggs, one of them hard boiled, five over easy, and three scrambled. She had a slight stomach ache.

This was my hot cocoa and cereal. Yum. :)

Today was the last time to have this amazing breakfast and we could of had it two days in a row. I feel so stupid for sleeping in. :(

We filled our stomachs to the breaking point then ate junk food the rest of the day, who can blame us, we rode on the bus from 8:00am to 7:30pm. The bus stopped three or four times for bathroom breaks and lunch. Lunch sucked but dinner was great: rice, soup, and chocolate cake or an apple for Mandi. :)

We nick-named the bus the '80's Rock Band Bus' it was really ugly, terrible color scheme.

For lunch we stopped in this adorable town, that I don't know the name of, and there was some amazing buildings and modern art.

These pictures above are all of the same church.

We stumbled upon this building while hunting for a place to find sandwiches, which was never found.
This is the main area in front of the church...AMAZING!!! I love it! :)
Together in front of the church. Gorgeous...the church looks good too.
Inside the church.

Our friends were wondering if we mentioned them on the blog, but I didn't think it would interest everyone at home to know about the people we were hanging with. Hopefully you find them as humorous as I do.
Andrew...he wanted a sexy picture, you can judge for yourself if this is sexy or not. :)

Mandi and Alexis being REALLY bored together.

This is one of our first roommates, Paige.

Our other roommate for most of the hotels, Kelsey.

Alexis on the bus in her new sunglasses.

Alex and Rebecca, his Aunt. They are way fun to hang out with!

This is Kelsey, a different one, we will call her 'Blonde' Kelsey. She is hilarious.

Alexis AGAIN...just can't get enough of her. She isn't a very good influence, she has a POTTY mouth.

So does 'Blonde' Kelsey but hers is a really little potty mouth.

'Blonde' Kelsey doing her "Who" face from "Horton Hers a Who".

And Alexis....ha. Gotta love her.

Well these are our Missouri friends and after dinner we all headed back to the hotel to chill. We aren't leaving until 9:20 for the tour of Madrid! I LOVE SLEEPING! The bus ride today totally messed up mine and Mandi's backs, definitely taking some Excedrin PM before bed.

We will be home in 3 days! Can't wait to see my PADRES and my soft, squishy, soft, fluffy, soft....bed. :}


  1. So have you eaten any of the local cuisine? Sounds as if it is pretty much eggs and sandwiches for you two...and dessert! Fun hearing about the friends you have made. The buildings in the pictures you have posted are so beautiful and amazing. They must be hundreds of years old, older than anything we have in this country. Keep enjoying every minute and thanks for sharing it with all of us left behind.
    Love ya', Auntie J.

  2. All of your friends look like fun people. Mom & I had a great week end. Sure do miss U 2. love Dad.

    I liked Judy's question. Have you eaten much european food or just americanized versions of food you are familiar with.

    I can't wait to give you both big hugs and to hear your voices. It has been forever, but your blog and texts have helped me feel closer to you.

    Dad says, P.S., thanks for the new hiking boots for fathers day (the present he bought for himself). He even used them on fathers day in Boulder, UT.

    See you Saturday!