Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Paris - Day 6

Our day started at 6:15, but we slept in until 6:50 because we packed the night before. The schedule for today was driving, driving, and more driving. From 8:00 - 4:00 we were traveling. At 10:30 we stopped for a bathroom break and then at 1:30 we stopped in Reims, France to look at an amazing cathedral!

We also stopped for lunch but Mandi and I had the worst lunch EVER! We both got hamburgers that turned into cheeseburgers and Mandi went back twice to get a HAMBURGER but both times he gave her a CHEESEBURGER, I don't think he knew the difference.

After the stop in Reims we headed to PARIS! We dropped our stuff off at the hotel then walked to the Metro (I think that is what it is called, I'm a little tired), a high speed train where people try to pick pocket you. Mandi thought it was exciting and fun but I thought it smelled like pee and all the people rushing around gave me a headache.

These are both in Reims, the one below is called Notre Dame de Reims (the Lady of Reims)

For dinner all we got was this terrible pizza stuff that made me gag. The fruit pizza at the end was delicious, so that is what I had for dinner. Mandi got a special dinner, I don't know what it was exactly (someone said it was rat-a-two-e or something like that)...but her dessert was sorbet.

Yummy dessert!!!

When dinner ended we went back to the Metro and headed to the Eiffel Tower and our Seine Cruise!!!! This cruise went right past all the major attractions in Paris and the announcer told us some history on all the sites we went by. The cruise lasted an hour and it was beautiful!

We hopped off the boat and got some souvenirs (ice cream) and took some pictures of the police carrying around machine guns. By this time it was 10:00 and we headed back to the hotel. Tomorrow we have a 6:30 wake up call and have to be leaving on the bus at 8:15. We are going SHOPPING tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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