Saturday, June 18, 2011

Monaco Day 10

Today we got to drive to Monaco and visit the palace of the Prince and Princess. They are getting married in July!! The first thing we ran into was this yellow submarine. Then we walked to the church where the wedding is going to be. Monaco is very small and it has a bunch of yachts! :)

Since the Prince and the Princess still live in the Palace there are guards on duty all the time. At 11:55am there is a "changing of the guards". Mandi and I rushed over after lunch and watched it all happen.

We headed back to the bus Kathi lead us down a scenic route and we got a little goofy...

After the lovely walk we headed to the perfume factory where we got some smelly good stuff!

And we got to ride in a really nice car...not! When our tour through the factory was over our bus drove to a scenic area and I took this gorgeous picture of Mandi.
Then we headed back to Nice and went shopping after a little tour of the area.

We got to shop for three hours and when we were done there were tons of motor bikes in the main square...
This place was loud and there were people all over the place! Nice was fun and we got to go swimming after dinner, which was delicious and hilarious because Mandi got a green apple for dessert. The beach was only a few minutes from the hotel and the water wasn't bad. Just really salty. Mandi and I wore our new swimming suits that we bought earlier and swam all the way out to the buoy! :)

Tomorrow is going to be busy and we are waking up early to head to some little town where some Pope's built a fortress and now it is a museum, yah!!!


  1. Dad just informed me that he wants pictures of the topless ladies on the French Riviera! There weren't any topless girls, were there?

    I want to go shopping!

    We love you!
    Mom and Dad

  2. I have made two comments and they are not showing up so will try one more time. Enjoying everything you are posting, your pictures are awesome, and it just looks like too much fun. One of my previous comments was that I can't wait until we go there together. Remember, Mandi, you said we would! Be thinking about the things you want to see again or new places to go. Love ya', Auntie J.

  3. Thanks for posting Aunt Judy! Mom there was one topless lady the other night but we only saw a little bit. So no pictures Dad, sorry. :(