Friday, June 17, 2011

Nice Day 9

Today we left at 8:30 from our hotel in Paris and took a funny bruised banana looking bus to the train station. There was a ton of traffic so it took a long time to get to the station, but we arrived early with time to find some lunch for the train ride.

When it was time for us to go the entire group rolled their suitcases to the VERY end of the platform. Mandi and I hauled our suitcases up some stairs and got to sit on the upper level of the train!!

Behind these doors, which multiple people ran into or got "almost" squished between, all of our suitcases are stored. The doors are kind of tricky because you have to find the button to push, it blends in with the door, and if you're in a big group you'll have to take turns going through because the door waits for no man! :)

This is the interior of the high speed "bullet" train. It was extremely comfortable and roomy, and I have decided that it is my favorite mode of transportation. Mandi finished "Breaking Dawn", then started reading it from the beginning. Before she had started reading in the middle or something like that so she wanted to read it again, but from the beginning.

We both bought sandwiches before we got on the train and Mandi is enjoying her sandwich while reading "Breaking Dawn". During the five hour train ride I looked through the book we bought from the Louvre, edited our pictures, got bored, then watched Shrek and The Italian Job!!! At five thirty we had arrived at the Nice Train Station.

We had to hurry and unload everyones luggage because the train had one more stop to make so it was hilarious watching everyone trip over each other trying to rush out of the train with their heavy luggage. Our bus was waiting for us right outside the train station so we loaded our luggage onto the bus and walked to dinner. Which was delicious!!!

After dinner we walked back to the bus and rode across Nice to our hotel. Mandi and I got a room to ourselves again!!!!!!! :) But we have to share a bed.:( Also our hotel has the smallest elevators in the world. The max amount of people aloud on one is four and with luggage it was one to two people. By the time we got settled it was 8:30 and our curfew was 11:00.

The family from Texas decided to walk down to the beach and we were dying to leave our little room, so we tagged along. One other mom from the group came with us and she wasn't adventurous at all so she went and got a map from the front desk. At the beginning she kept making us stop to make sure we were going the right way, even though it was annoying we made it down to the beach.

Mandi bought these pants yesterday in Paris, they are flowy and comfortable! Doesn't she look awesome in them?

I bought this dress in Paris yesterday!!! Do you like it?

We got our feet wet and they smelled awful after words but other than that the water felt great and it was warm outside. The area we are staying is beautiful and there is vegetation everywhere! There are these vibrant purple flowers that are on everything! I saw some climbing all over some huge trees and some of the houses had entire walls covered in them!

Right now it is 11:23 and Mandi just closed "Breaking Dawn" so I better say Adios or something like that and I love you all! If you want me to get pictures of anything special just comment. We are going shopping tomorrow and swimming in the French Riviera. Can't wait!!! :)

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  1. Wouldn't know what to ask you to take pictures of, but I am sure enjoying the pictures you are taking. Love your new clothes, you both look great in them!
    The train looked luxurious! How fast does it go?
    The house is a mess, I am never home because of school, I think dad and the dogs are missing you!
    Love, Mom