Monday, June 20, 2011

Carcassonne - Spain Day 12

The beds were AMAZING! Mandi and I wish we could have stayed longer. But we packed up our bags after breakfast and headed to Carcassonne. Carcassonne is still in France and we were heading to Spain after our stop. The fortress of Carcassonne, which is a REAL fortress, had tons of shops and we stopped here for a couple hours. Lunch came before any site seeing so we stopped and ate. Mandi had spaghetti and I had pizza, they were both tasty and the little area we ate in was nice and shady.
Before we went to lunch we got a map of the area, like a map you can get at Sea World or Disneyland pictures and everything. After lunch we went to a couple areas and took some pictures. But the best part was when I came across a chocolate shop!!!

Mandi and her Gelato!!!!

Foreign countries have the cutest dogs.

This is where you can buy tickets to go into the castle, but we have gone into so many castles it wasn't worth paying for another tour. After we went around the fortress and bought some chocolate Mandi and I got split up. I got pooped on by a pigeon and Mandi got locked in a bathroom while it was disinfecting itself.
So this is the bathroom Mandi got locked you can see there are three lights that show when you can go into the bathroom. A girl had just come out and Mandi went in, but the yellow light was blinking. She walked in and the toilet starting rising, so she tried to leave, but the door was locked. Then water started squirting all over the floor and Mandi was hopping all over and banging on the door, there was some screaming. The group outside told her to push the red button but when she started to look for it the lights went out! She screamed and banged some more and found the button but nothing happned. Finally everything stopped and she was let out. After both of our terrible experiences I have decided that we should stick together, because I needed some emotional support after being pooped on (I got poop on my face, new scarf, shirt, shoes, and down my pant leg) and she might have needed some comforting or something. :)

We left for Spain at 2:00 and got to the hotel at 6:00. After dinner which was at the hotel, buffet style, YUM! We went to the beach which was tons of fun, the sand dropped off in the water and you couldn't touch after walking 5 feet into the water. The water was a little cold and it was windy. So, after twenty minutes everyone was tired and we headed back to the hotel for Karaoke! But we came down to Bingo and Drag Queens, then there was this weird skit with a sea monster, nun, business man, lip singer, half naked man, and gay guys.

Well, curfew is in thirty minutes. We get to stay up until 11:00 because we aren't leaving for Barcelona until 9:00 and the drive is going to be an hour long. We are shopping and going to the beach all day tomorrow after a tour of Barcelona!!!!!


  1. You are hilarious! Sounds like you should stick together. In your case, two heads are better than one! Sorry your misfortune was a riot to read about....
    Just got home and Dad hasn't seen Sunday's post, so I will probably show it to him Wednesday night. It was very touching and I felt very loved as I am sure he will.
    Been up late studying for exams and won't probably see Dad for any lenght of time until Wednesday night.
    Hey, if Judy get's to go to Europe with you, so do I! Save me a seat on the plane!

  2. Of course mom, we would never leave you in the US if we were going to Europe again. :) Do AMAZING on your exams, love you so much! Sending love and energy your way.