Saturday, June 11, 2011

Munich Day 3

(Day 2)
(Day 3)
(Day 2)
(Day 2)
(Day 2)
(Day 2)

Start of Day 3

(This is Mandi speaking now)

We started our day off with an obnoxious telephone wake up call at 7 and breakfast was served at 8. We were served lots of pork (which I'm allergic to) bread, hard boiled eggs, cereal and milk (which I'm allergic to) and juices. We left our hotel at 9:00 and had a bus tour around munich. We saw lots of stuff, learned tones of history, and had a cool tour guide. On our tour we went over a bridge and saw some surfers in a river, they were trying to surf on the river! It was super funny. We also went to a castle that was very long and pretty.

After the tour we got to go back to Maria Square and had lunch it was chicken kabobs rice and lettuce wraps and limette which is german limeade. After we drank the limette which was carbonated (everything here is either carbonated or alcoholic) we started belching, it was halarious, people kept staring. After lunch we took a 2 hour drive through the country side and then we arrived at Nueschwanstein Castle where we got a tour inside. There isn't much to say except to say it was a dream and an amazing experience. After that we headed back to Munich for dinner at Brauhaus, another beer hall. Then we came back to the motel and now it is 11:27 and I have a long day tomorrow.

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  1. How awesome is this trip! Dad says, "watch out for those foreigners!". Silly dad. Love the blog! Keep posting info. We are headed back to Springville from Bryce Canyon. The stars were amazing. We saw ghost stars and binary stars and the planet Saturn. Freaking amazing! Well, maybe not as amazing as Europe...
    Love you both!