Saturday, June 11, 2011

Munich Day 1 & 2

Yesterday we arrived in Munich, Germany after a three hour flight from Salt Lake City, Ut to Atlanta, Georgia then a 9 hour flight that might have been 11 hours, but we don't really know. During our first flight we got to sit next to Military men and Mandi got sick. Then our Pilot missed our gate and we were late so we ran to our next flight, which was on the other side of the huge airport. We watched 3 movies on our second flight and had two meals served to us. Mandi was uncomfortable after being asked to move (twice) to accommodate for others comfort/needs. She had no sleep because an old creepy pervert man kept touching her leg and even using her for a pillow.

I on the other hand had a comfortable flight and slept for an hour while the pilot decided to wait for a group of EF Tours students to get to the plane (Around 25 students previous flight was delayed and that made it so our plane had to wait an entire hour before departing.). We met Kathi at the exit and while waiting for a family from Texas who was also on our flight Mandi took a picture of the incoming flights board.

Then we walked through a huge open area that connected to the other part of the airport and then we found our huge luxurious bus next to a bunch of nice taxi cabs. We got to go to the Center of Munich "Maria Square" and spend three hours wandering around Munich while our director went to the airport to wait for the group from Missouri.

Mandi and I went all over Munich we ditched the family we were with and traveled to some famous buildings, mostly churches and large government buildings. We found some areas with funny statues and no people around. We decided to have some fun with it.

Then everyone else showed up at 1:30 and we were exhausted! Our feet hurt and we didn't want to do anything. But Kathi, our director, brought us to a famous Beer hall and talked about all the Cathedrals that we decided to climb. After the long climb up the stairs we stopped at a Starbucks and Mandi ordered a steamer. This Starbucks became our resting place for the next hour of our free time.

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