Sunday, June 12, 2011

Dessert at Neuschwanstein Castle - Germany Day 3

Guten Tag! Mandi and I wanted to do a post on the delicious desserts we had yesterday. After we traveled two hours to the Neuschwanstein Castle we decided to order some cake before walking up the trail to the castle. I wanted to try everything so I ordered all the dessert they had!!!!
This is Apple Streusel, my FAVORITE!
This is Cheesecake, Mandi's FAVORITE!
Of course, Chocolate cake.
...and Black Forest, not the best.
After the meal! :) Mandi devoured the cheesecake (with no side effects) and I devoured the apple streusel.

Then we headed up the mountain with Kathi and some other students. It was a steep walk but Kathi pointed out some delicious cream cheese filled dough balls that were deep fried and covered in powdered sugar! YUM!

After our tour through the castle and a short hike up to the Maria Bridge we ordered three of these amazing dough balls and filled our water bottles with fresh water from the mountain. Mandi and I wanted to ride a carriage down the mountain because it was POURING rain and Mandi wanted to pet the horses, so we took a picture instead and she was content.

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