Thursday, June 16, 2011

Notre Dame de Paris & the Louvre - Paris Day 8

We got to sleep in today! Breakfast was the same and at 9:00 we headed to Notre Dame de Paris. We took the Metro throughout the day and the only time there was an incident was after we had gone shopping. I was trying to secure my bag of clothing but the train starting moving and I fell back in a really hot guy's arms!!!!

Notre Dame de Paris was amazing, the inside was intense and the stain glass windows were beautiful. When we were heading out a group of kids started singing amazing songs in the middle of Notre Dame, they were great and the mood in Notre Dame was peaceful.

Above is the center of Paris!!!

The Louvre was better than Notre Dame in my opinion. We didn't spend a long time checking everything out but we got a few pictures. After rushing through the Louvre our group went SHOPPING!!!!!!

The only thing that was disappointing was the rule that we had to stay with an adult the entire time. Mandi and I hardly had anytime to shop because we were rushing around trying to make sure everyone got what they were looking for. We only got two hours to shop but I got 2 shirts, 2 dresses, 2 pairs of pants, and a jacket. Everything was way cute and Mandi got some tank tops. We also got dome of their "Baggy Pants" that are way cute and in style.
At the end of today we got to visit the Moulin Rouge!!! We didn't go inside but Kathi awkwardly told us about the show. I was surprised it wasn't bigger, but there were tons of lights!!!! The bus ride to the hotel took forever but we finally made it back. When we got back I finished doing laundry and packed for our long train ride tomorrow headed towards Niece, France.


  1. Sorry you had to rush throught the Lourve, it looks amazing? Can't you get arrested for taking pictures of the Mona Lisa? What's with the little girls hugging the naked guys leg?
    I love the pictures, but really emjoy your commentary. Thanks for sharing in your fun.

    Love you,

  2. Nope they had so many protection things on it it is safe to take a picture. And the girl is touching the guys penis! LOL!!!

    We love you

  3. Oh, I hadn't noticed that! But now that you pointed it out! Wow!

  4. I know! Its pretty freaking funny